Monetizing Your
Web Presence

By Consulting You or Building a Website
Optimized for Conversions, Usability,
User Experience and Search Engines.

Our clients about us!

Impressions, Experiences, Thoughts
We not only have a new website, but also a tool that is fully aligned with Plitvice County's strategy. The whole renters community benefits from it.
Maja Šikić,
Director at Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board
Our WPU-built website was listed among the top WP websites in the world! OBC's business model relies heavily on it, and it serves it well.
Dubravka Šimunec,
Head of The Office at Outward Bound Croatia
Since 2015, WPU has been our key partner. They handle our entire online presence and marketing, and we are growing steadily as a result.
Gordan Kobačić,
Owner at Optika Kobačić
Our organic channel accounts for over 80% of our traffic and drives our business despite significant CPC and Social ad spend.
Yetunde Kristina Škorić,
Director of Credit Intermediation at Progreso Grupa
Both of our restaurants are beautifully represented online, perfectly reflecting their respective spirits. WPU is our ongoing Marketing partner.
Marija Štaba,
Owner at Core Kornati & Core Bruxelles
The site is just amazing! I thank God every day I contacted you for this. No one else I was looking into had anywhere near your expertise.
Megan Davidson,
Owner at Myconnectiontowellness

What good is a website if...

...if nobody can find it?

A website is truly powerful when it brings in new customers who have never heard of your business before. Continually.  
We teach you how to write for the Web
We Streamline your SEO strategy
100% On-page SEO optimization
We make you authoritative
We optimize your content

...if people leave it without converting?

We will maximize your website’s conversion rates, so it earns money for you. It was never intended to be just a brochure.
Precise Conversion rates measuring
Conversion funnels in place
Data-driven initial design
Well thought UX
A/B testings

...if it doesn’t fit all screens and devices?

We will optimize the mobile experience for your users, again with Conversion in front of our minds. 80%+ of traffic is Mobile!
Content tailored to mobile habits
Responsive + Adaptive approach
Mobile load speed optimization
Different user flow on mobile
Full responsive technology

...if it doesn’t talk to Your customers?

We will turn your business upside down, and only then craft the content&targeting strategy.
Initial strategy meetings & brainstormings
We are MBA’s, we learn about your business
We align your web to your business strategy
We define and target your website’s goals
We do extended user testings

...if it is slow and poorly coded?

If this is Greek to you, the only important thing is that your website will be fast, error-free and show-up in all relevant browsers as it should.
W3C validation target 100%
Yslow grade at least 90% “A” or higher
CSS Grid, Flexbox and other goodies!
All images & media highly optimized
Multi-browser testings

Powered by awesome Themeco

...if you don’t know what is going on with it?

We'll set up professional tracking, the way it should be. You will have access to it, or we can do the analysis for you.  
Full Google Analytics integration (via GTM)
User-interaction recordings & more
Setting up advanced goal tracking
Measuring all conversion points
Heatmaps integration

...if it doesn’t look good?

When art meets science, wonderful things happen. Sometimes we are too passionate about looks. 
Harmonizing tone & saturation of all images
No cheesy stock images and other crap
Color theory, Gestalt, Golden ratio & More
Custom professional Photography
Artistic iterations & moodboards

...if you don’t know what to do with it?

You will know your way around CMS like a pro. You will also learn how to use inbound marketing to generate leads and sales for days to come.
Website strategy brainstormings
Specific, tailor made educations
Writing for the web education
Writing blog-post education
CMS education

We do Consulting too

Covering SEO Strategy, Website Conversions, UX, and a lot more

A customer's journey begins when he formulates a problem in his head, and ends when you solve it. (Actually it still continues). There are many potential bottlenecks along the way. We want it to be frictionless, effortless, and joyful. Let's put your entire marketing strategy on the right track.

We have developed several consulting packages, with the 5-part UX/SEO project being the most popular. It is a complete package unlike anything you've seen before!

Business Strategy Audit: learning about your business

We are more than just Web designers. We have a long-standing business background, including consulting, as well as an MBA. As a result, the first step is to learn everything about your business, in order to align your strategy and website with it.  

Custom UX, Conversion and SEO report about your website

During this step, your website is checked for desktop/mobile design issues, conversion leakage, and technical SEO problems. The last thing we want is for traffic to bounce back once it comes in. The goal is to treat every page as a landing page that needs to move traffic into the sales funnel.

What to Write About? Optimizing for website traffic

This is a customized method for creating targeted content for your site. Throughout the years, we have developed our own Keyword and Topical research methods to make sure that your website is targeted at the right audience. The result is not just a content plan, but the full research method in your hands.  

How to write for the web? Optimizing for Engagements

People don't read content when online. In an attempt to find the answer in the least amount of time, they skim all over the place. They quickly lose patience. In such an environment, your content may not fulfill its purpose at all if it's not written correctly.

How to optimize the Content? Optimizing for SEO, On-Page

On-page SEO is kid's play. It's a simple process you can learn within a day or two. We will teach you a simple framework to maximize your content's SEO with Metas, Keywords, Schema, and other stuff after you have all the research that provides you with the right topics.

Bonus: Security Audit, Engagement recordings, Analytics setup...

We will also audit all other areas of your website, including security, Google Tag Manager, plugins, general settings, site structure, Custom CSS, and even set up UTM tags for your campaigns.  

Some More Stuff We do

as part of Webdesign or Consulting packages
Digital marketing requires a variety of skills. T-shaped knowledge is essential to success. 

Business Branding

When our clients start their businesses from scratch, they need a brand identity. For many of them, including Outward Bound Croatia, we have developed this successfully. It includes an interactive Style Guide with all brand assets.

Professional Photography

Let's face it: it is very difficult to create a truly great website if there is no high quality photography. Thus, we took the matter into our own hands and can provide top quality photos, including food & product photography. The team will travel anywhere in the EU and beyond.

360° Virtual Tours

That's the future, then. We can't avoid it. Thus, we have mastered the art of creating high quality virtual tours for any kind of business. With the aim of making your website the best it can be. We also have a Google Trusted Photographer certification.   Check out our sample work →


The concepts of SEO, Copywriting and other Digital Marketing disciplines can be difficult to master. That's not the case with our Education program. For small, medium and large companies, we design effective educational programs. Delivered on-site, at the company or online.

Conversion Optimization

By implementing educated hypotheses and measuring the results, we usually double or triple the number of sales per client visit. We bring more if they work, and if not, we iterate until they do using split-testing, user recordings, and other tools.


Our Copywriting education is active for companies, and we use this knowledge for optimizing the copy on our clients' websites. Any website's success depends on engaging, interesting, and authoritative copy.

Google Analytics

With 5 Google Certificates and years of experience analyzing and combining Google Analytics, GA4, and Search Console numbers, we help you draw actionable conclusions from the data, or display it in Google Data Studio.

Google Tag Manager

Rather than having a bunch of scripts on the website, we have only one: GTM tag. We are Google Certified for GTM, but more importantly, we have been using it every day for years. We are tagging up the entire conversion funnel, to make sure it works as it should.

Creative Campaigns

For our ongoing clients, like Optician "Optika Kobacic", we have made several successful marketing campaigns. These included Social Media campaigns and general Internet campaigns. Additionally, we handled the Social Media coverage of the Arctic Basecamp science panel moderated by Time magazine at the World Economic Forum.  (Credits).