X&Pro Theme Review (After using them for 7 Years)

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Heads up: the beta testing of Themeco’s Pro 4.0, X 8.0 and Cornerstone 5.0 is underway. I am participating in it, and as soon as the new version comes out I will update the X and Pro theme review to encompass all the new features. Stay tuned. The release date should be around mid of December.

Time flies. Wow.

It has been (almost) 7 years since I have bought my first X-theme license from Themeco. I have built all my website with it ever since. Including this one, of course.

My very first website built on X ended up on a list of WordPress influencers, along with Mercedes Benz, Katy Perry, Bloomberg, NASA and others. Not too bad. :)

The time has come to do a concise but detailed X and Pro theme review. There is a need for such review because most of what we can find on the Internet is outdated. Some reviews that can be found are old even if their (automatic) headlines are saying that they are from 2020.

TL;DR: This is powerful, fast, safe and reliable tool worth mastering

Over time, this article has grown beyond the point of being able to pass all the important facts in our average attention span. For that reason, here is the short overview to the point:

X and Pro are both themes made by Themeco. X was released in 2013. and Pro in 2017. Both are including a powerful front-end Page builder called Cornerstone. Cornerstone is powered by Flexbox. Pro also has CSS Grid and the Header/Footer Builder. From now on we will talk only about Pro. Performance wise, Pro is one of the fastest themes on the market, both in the back-end and front-end. This is thanks to the modern lean architecture. Themeco made sure it is as SEO friendly as possible.

Pro has all the expected tools like Dynamic content, Global blocks, Template Manager, Undo/Redo capabilities, Role manager, Custom Attributes and much more. Full post type/archives/posts layout builder will be introduced this summer.

The support is outstanding, and many would argue that the Facebook community is one of the best found, always ready to help in minutes.

Price can be lifetime per license, lifetime per unlimited licenses or recurring, whatever works best for the user.

Ok, so I have now spoiled some of the fun, but it is still worth reading on if you have time. If not, here’s the link to check out the new Themeco’s website:

Disclosure: Themeco had no referral program announced when this article was originally written. With the launch of the new website, they have also created this program. As of May 26. I have added the referral links to the Pro theme, but it doesn’t change a thing about what I have to say. There might also be some referral links to plugins and services I use a lot and am confident into.

For starters, the word “Theme” often used in the name of this product makes it sound somehow cheap. Less experienced people immediately think of some template that imposes its own design, and very often the whole layout. That is far from reality. X and Pro are both powerful site building tools. With them, it is possible to start from the blank canvas and build the website exactly the way we want it.

If you are building a website based on someone’s mockup, you will be able to recreate it 100%. I just hope that the mockup was made by someone who actually knows what they are doing. :) And if you want pre-made templates, sure. They are available in the Themeco’s Design Cloud.

Themeco Pro Theme Design Cloud Template Library
Design Cloud Library

The History

The initial release of the X-theme was on October 24. 2013. We can see the whole update history in their official changelog.  Soon after that it got the Visual Composer integration. Very quickly it became the fastest-growing theme on the Envato Market.

On May 28th, 2015, X-theme 4.0. came out and introduced its own page builder—Cornerstone.

On April 10th, 2017, Themeco released its second theme called Pro. The main difference at the time was that unlike X, it had the Header and the Footer builder. Also it was not sold on the Envato market, but directly from Themeco.

Throughout the years, Themeco was adding its own plugins called extensions. For example, there is a Custom 404 page plugin, Smooth scroll, Under construction, white lable, and others.

There is also a very powerful native Schema plugin called “Snippet”. This plugin supports many various schema types, outputted as JSON-LD.

The Concept

Themeco is basing the X and Pro themes on design sets called Stacks. This may change in the future, but it is actually not a bad concept at all. There are four stacks: Integrity, Renew, Icon and Ethos. Each one has its own character, and they create a nice starting point for those who want quick ready-made designs. Everything in the theme is customizable, so you could end-up not noticing the stacks at all.

The difference between X and Pro theme

The key difference is that X is more simple, and Pro has the advanced Header/Footer Builder, as well as CSS Grid capability. X is available at Envato, and Pro is sold directly by Themeco.

Performance (It is fast. Very fast)

Ember, React, Themeco’s crazy-geek engineers… There are few things that came together that allowed creation of one of the fastest themes on the Internet. The barebone install is able to load in 0.3 seconds with additional optimization, and in 0.5 seconds without it. An optimized website such as this one can load anywhere between 0.7 to 2 seconds.

As a digital marketing consultant, I had a chance to work with all major themes on the market, and some less known ones. I can tell you one thing for sure: no theme is fast as X and Pro theme. There are few that are a match on the front end. Oxygen would be one, and there are more. But on the backend… That’s crazy. Let me take a stopwatch and measure the time the Homepage of this website becomes editable in the Cornerstone Page builder:

Ready? Set… Go…………………4 seconds!

Dev time is money. If you have to wait an extra 10 or 20 seconds for every change to take effect, and to be able to edit a page, that sums up to A LOT of money burned for nothing.

Shall we try to measure saving changes on the page? Let’s go: ……..1 second!

Disclaimer: make sure you have fast Internet speed, and that the site is hosted on a decent Hosting. This one is on Siteground’s GrowBig Plan. Otherwise, the theme is as fast as the narrowest bottleneck.

Ok, let’s take a look at the front-end performance example for a second.

X and Pro theme by Themeco performance loading scores
Pro theme performance, on a full website with plugins (Shared hosting without CDN)

Not too bad at all. That is a Pro theme on Siteground,  with their Supercacher enabled and WP Rocket. I use Supercacher and WP Rocket combined, but I avoid duplicating their functionalities. Only one does the front-end optimization, for example. To complete the optimization picture, I do detailed asset management using Asset Cleanup or similar plugins. That website has an image-heavy homepage, but the images are lazy-loaded, so the page weight is under 1MB at loading. The site is not on CDN.

Let’s test a similarly optimized, Pro-based website, but with no plugins other than SG Optimizer, WP Rocket and Asset Cleanup:

Themeco Pro Theme speed optimization
Pro theme performance, on a simple homepage with only speed optimization plugins (Shared hosting without CDN)

Now, we could load jquery.js through open source static assets CDN simply by installing and activating CommonWP plugin. This would improve the Yslow score, but I have found that this won’t impact the total site loading time if users are distant, and if they are close to the server, this CDN will slow down the loading time for 100 ms. So I opt to output this 33 kb file from my server. If the website was targeting global audience, then of course, full CDN would be used with all its pros and cons.

We have to admit: Pro theme is really, really fast. This is a great head-start. Form here on, it is up to us how optimized the final website will be.

Performance Optimization Tolerance

Not all themes work when heavily optimized for performance. With X and Pro, a good thing is that you can go all the way in and combine all of its assets, (CSS, JS), and minify everything, it will still work just perfectly. It doesn’t need minification as a matter of fact, because it is pre-minified. Under HTTP/2, you may test if Concatenation is even needed. That will depend more on your plugins setup.

Also, I have tested WP Rocket’s Lazy Loading for images, and all image elements in the theme support it and work perfectly. There are no issues if Webp file formats are served instead of the original images as well. Siteground does this natively if turned on.

All in all, an already lean and fast X and Pro theme doesn’t mind to be additionally optimized at all. No resistance there.

SEO friendliness

There is hardly any other theme I’d rely on when it comes to SEO. There are multiple reasons for that, including great architecture, speed and security. A good proof for that is that an X-theme based website is ranking many top financial keywords #1 in Croatian language, above all Credit card companies, banks and financial institutions. This is of course a result of SEO strategy, but obviously Google had no objection about the theme. :)

There is one more strong reason for my claims. And the most important one: Themeco. I had several SEO related discussions with them on forums and one thing I can tell you is that the dev team is very interested in making sure the Theme is as SEO friendly as possible. They also possess a lot of knowledge in this area.

Other than that, the theme has a Schema powered Breadcrumbs element as well as Ratings and Testimonial elements with Schema. there is also a Snippet addon that can be enabled, allowing setting up Structured data types per each post type.

Snippet addon
Structured data support in Pro theme

Cornerstone Page Builder

The real power reveals itself once you fire-up Cornerstone. Also called Content Builder in Pro. Cornerstone is a full front-end Page builder integrated with the X and the Pro theme. It provides the structure based on basic building blocks:

  • Sections
  • Rows
  • Columns

We can nest rows inside columns, which allows more complex layouts. But, that is just the beginning: we can turn-on Flexbox layout on the Columns, and if that is not enough we can activate CSS Grid!

So the layout options are:

  • Standard Layout
  • Flexbox Layout
  • CSS Grid layout
Pro Theme Structure
Pro Theme Structure

That’s about the structure. When it comes to design, Cornerstone has 40 various elements, many of which are multipurpose.

Some of them would be:

  • Accordion
  • Audio/Video
  • Breadcrumbs with Schema
  • Buttons with advanced interactions
  • Flipping cards
  • Dropdowns/Modals/Fly-ins
  • Countodwn
  • Coutner
  • Headline with graphics and subheadings
  • Icons/Image/Line
  • Maps
  • Various navigations
  • Quote
  • Ratings with Schema
  • Various search options (Inline, modal, dropdown)
  • Tabs
  • Testimonials with Schema…

Fantastic thing about Cornerstone is that everything is fully customizable. Also, the fact that many elements are multi-purpose, creates less clutter and removes bloat. For example, a headline element can have any of the H tags, but it can also get a span tag. So if we turn on the graphic (image or icon), it becomes a simple text item with a graphic. A Button element has also various design options. It can be a clickable element that doesn’t look like a button at all. Like the three boxes below the hero image on the homepage of this website. Nobody could guess that those are actually buttons.

CSS Grid

Pro is the first theme on the Market that has CSS Grid Layout integrated, with a native visual editor. It has a native draggable interface like no other.

The power of the CSS Grid is the ability to arrange elements in two dimensions, (unlike one-dimensional Flexbox). By doing that, we can overlap elements if we like, and we can rearrange them by breakpoints. This allows layouts that are beyond the reach of most page-builders.

Pro Theme CSS Grid Layout
Pro Theme CSS Grid Layout
Pro Theme CSS Grid Visual Editor in action
Creating Complex CSS Grid Layouts in seconds

Dynamic Content

Some users don’t turn this option ever on. Others cannot live without it. Dynamic Content supports ACF fields, WordPress content or just about anything else. For example, the header of this blog post has the Article title, Published and Last modified dates all dynamic. This makes creating Templates easy as a pie. Paired with the Template Manager, it truly has lots of use cases.

Global Blocks

Build an element in one place, and drop it anywhere with a shortcode or the Global Block Element. Then update it in one place and voila — updated everywhere.

Template Manager

With X and Pro, you can turn anything into a template. A whole page, a section, a column with all the elements, any element, anything. Once created, it becomes a Preset element. That means that you can simply drag & drop it anywhere and that’s it.

Pro Theme Template Manager
Dragging Own Presets into the Design

Post type Layout builder

This one is is still not part of the theme. But the good news is that it will come very soon, with the new major version. It should be somewhere between August and September 2020. At that point, the major advantage of some other themes will be leveled. It will allow us to build index pages, blog pages, blog posts and archive pages using the Page builder. This means that essentially the entire WordPress environment is placed under our control. This will not only allow improved design, but also advanced Conversion optimization of important parts of the site that were beyond easy reach.

Bundled Premium Plugins

X and Pro are coming with over $1000 worth of premium plugins. Those are:

  • ACF Pro
  • Convert Plus
  • Essential Grid
  • WP Cost Estimation & Payment Forms Builder
  • Layer Slider
  • Modern Events Calendar
  • Slider Revolution
  • Soliloquy
  • Superfly Menus
  • The Grid
  • Ubermenu
  • Woo Checkout Editor

No, this is not another attempt to drag-drop some pre-made elements into preset positions. This is a whole content builder for the Header and the Footer. You can make it look whatever you like. There is hardly any known website that you couldn’t emulate with Pro.

Please note that you may have run into some reviews on the Internet (old but claiming that are from April 2020). They say that Pro Header has different UX and separate learning curve than with the Content builder. This was true long time ago. Both builders are Flexbox powered and utilize the same controls.

Pro Theme Header Builder
Header Builder – Activated on this Post (Blog Header)

Role Manager

Fear of client ruining the website by clicking what they shouldn’t? No problemos. All individual theme parts, individual elements or user settings can be assigned to specific user roles.


We don’t have to say anything more about this. It works like a charm.

Custom Attributes

Have you found a cool animation library that hooks into HTML with custom attributes? Would you like to apply it to the X/Pro elements? No problem. Add as many custom attributes to any element. Zoooom zoooom.


When it comes to price, Themeco has covered so many options that I’m sure everybody will be find something for themselves. X can be purchased on Envato for $59 lifetime payment, currently at a discount for $35. But take my advice and don’t buy it. Pro theme license is $79 lifetime payment, and it can be bought from the Themeco’s website directly. But hold on just yet and read on… For the extra $20 in comparison to buying the X theme, you are getting the Header & Footer builder and the CSS Grid element, which are awesome. You are also supporting Themeco directly, and that is important. The license is valid both for the Production and the Staging website, so there is no need to switch licenses constantly.

For a long time, the lifetime single-license was the only choice. But not anymore. Themeco came out with a Lifetime Unlimited License for $399! This license covers as many websites as we can handle, with ongoing support and updates. A simple math says that this is a huge deal for anyone who is planning to build 5 sites or more. Any agency or freelancer should have this powerful weapon in their arsenal. Personally I don’t even know how many licenses I have bought, or had my clients buy in all those years. This option is a no-brainer.

And there’s more. Themeco also has monthly and yearly license options. You can check them out, but there are very rare cases where buying a $69/yr single license is better than buying a $79 lifetime single-license. There is also an unlimited license for $149/yr. If you are on budget and eager to go Pro asap, you can start for as low as $9/mo for a single site, or $19/mo for unlimited sites.

Finally, there is a hosted and managed version, where you can have your website hosted, maintained and the license included, started for 229/yr for up to 50.000 visitors. This can go up with the traffic requirements and number of sites. The monthly hosted version starts at $29/mo.

To recap on the pricing, Themeco really thought this through and offered something for everybody. My personal favorites are ether the Unlimited lifetime Pro license for $399, or a single-site lifetime Pro license for $79. Check ’em both on this direct link. But you might hold on ’till the end of this article. I’ll drop you the link again below. :)

Oh, one more thing: once you buy the unlimited license, it will show up in your account dashboard. If you don’t see it, it is possible that you are still logged-in with the older session. Log out of your account and log back in. It will then show up in the left sidebar.


From the day one, Themeco devoted lot of time, energy and love to provide support that is best in business. They go over and beyond, and they respond very quickly. Usually within few hours and sometimes faster.

There was a short period when Themeco was restructuring the support system, and they came out with a huge update that radically changed things. It created a huge pressure on the (new) support team and the quality went a bit down. The theme was actually never unusable or something. But there were several influential individuals creating negative hype around it. Themeco did that bold move to transfer the theme far into the future, beyond the competition. That move paid off tenfold. So if you find traces of that by searching the historic content on the Internet, that’s it. And it is all long gone.

As I have said, the support is absolutely one of the best in the business, and it is lifetime. No yearly time limit or something. The Support Forum is open, but questions can be asked only by registered users with licenses.

Themeco Support Forum

The Community

There are few Facebook pages dedicated to Themeco products, but the main one is called Pro Theme & X Theme Users. Most questions got answered literally in minutes, and there are many professional web designers and developers that gladly help to everybody. I am active on the daily basis there as well. :)


If you are not subscribed to WPScan Vulnerability Database already, you should be. Go ahead and check the popular themes on the market. You will find most of them had security breaches. But not X. And not Pro. They have a spotless security record from

In May 2020, five popular page builders and one (most popular) theme was reported having vulnerabilities. Then again, in August 2020 this most popular WordPress theme had serious vulnerability issues, along with its Page builder. Security is a serious thing.

The Long-term Sustainability

I am using Themeco’s themes almost from its beginning. One of the most important aspects of deciding to go with them at the time was the human factor. I have felt the passion and devotion of Kyle Wakefield and his team. I knew those treats will lead to great things, and that they will provide long-term security. That was enough for me. If you want to hear the Themeco story, you can watch this video. (50 min).

Notable Features

This article is an overview of the Theme and its functionalities, so I won’t bore you with too much content. Everything important has been said. Here is a list of what we have mentioned already, and few more things:

  • Undo/Redo
  • Global Colors
  • Global or Page-level CSS/JS
  • Font Manager
  • Template Manager
  • Dark/Light Mode
  • Dynamic Content
  • Header/Footer Builder
  • Unlimited Headers and Footers
  • Lots of Premium Plugins
  • Flexbox and CSS Grid
  • Global Elements (Blocks)
  • Custom Attributes
  • Native Dropdowns, Modals and Fly-ins
  • Powered by Ember and super-fast backend/frontend
  • Font Awesome Pro V5 with an ability to turn off unused weights
  • Design Cloud – Offsite repository of ready-made elements
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Right-click contextual menu in the builder
  • Elements API for developers
  • And more

Here are some features announced for soon to be released new version:

  • On/Off setting for controls
  • The ability to inspect and update multiple Elements of the same type at once
  • The ability to lock an Element to prevent it from being updated via bulk selection or copy/paste to all actions
  • Customize your workspace by snapping UI elements to different edges of the screen
  • Preview headers, footers, and layouts on different URLs in real time
  • Make the contents of an entire column a clickable link
  • Full flexibility over every breakpoint
  • Static Transforms – Define an Element’s initial translation, scale and rotation
  • Interactive Transforms – Change an Element’s transform (move, rotate, etc.) on hover
  • Event Triggers – Cause an Element to take a new transformation when it enters the viewport
  • Full control over blog layouts, posts, and index pages
  • Powerful new dynamic Elements
  • A new Post Element
  • A new Post Grid Element
  • And much more. (Themeco always likes to keep some stuff secret and come up with surprises).

The Verdict

I am obviously biased. But with a good reason. If there was a reason for me to leave Themeco in the last 7 years, I would do it. Instead, they have become an invaluable partner I can count on. They have provided me with an advanced piece of technology that works flawlessly and that doesn’t stay in between my imagination and the final product.

This technology cuts down the development time significantly. There is no need to build a mockup in Photoshop or other Prototyping tools. Cornerstone builder works almost like those tools. The live prototype instantly becomes the final product.

So there is really no other rating for it than this:

5 / 5

That’s it for now. I will get back to this X and Pro theme review to update it, whenever I feel that I should add more to it, and also when new theme updates will be available. See you soon!

Oh, right… The link to the Themeco’s Pro page:

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