Digital Marketing

Know where you are going and stay miles ahead.
Marketing Strategy is at core of everything we do. 20+ years of experience in traditional marketing, and over 8 years in Digital Marketing.

Our process starts with your business audit, the same way we did back in our business consulting days. We want to learn about you and what, how and why you do it. We want to know everything about your competitors.

Once we get an overview of your business and industry, we will define your target market and map out their buyer journey. In the process, we will sub-categorize them based on their current awareness levels, and predict a sales funnel for each one.

A key thing to understand is that a marketing strategy can be successful only if it integrates with lots of other business processes that sometimes don't seem to have anything in common.

Finally, every strategy needs clearly defined and measurable tactics and ideally integrated with an ERP system.

We don't have a standalone "Strategy" product. Instead, it is integrated part of all our Consulting and Web design packages. Feel free to browser around and don't hesitate to ask anything that may have been left unexplained.