Turning your existing website into a star. Making it easy to find it, pleasant to interact with, and easy to convert.

5-part SEO project

A top-tier solution for your Digital Marketing strategy.

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Basic SEO project

A project with more of your time involvement.
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1 on 1 Consulting

"Eye-opening" two hours of video consulting.

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Prepaid Consulting

Have an expert to rely to, whenever you need one.

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It's easy to pay for advertising, whether you're using CPC, Paid Social, or anything else. To make this expensive traffic worthwhile, we must direct it towards the website's goals and objectives. If not, there is a huge leak of money.  

As long as the payment is ongoing, paid traffic will come in. On the other hand, organic traffic is free once it has been created. It doesn't require much maintenance, and its ROI grows over time. Check out our SEO success case study on a financial website with heavy competition.

Despite significant CPC and Social ad-spend, thanks to WPU, our Organic channel is still over 75% of traffic, and the main drive of our business.
Yetunde Kristina Škorić,
Director of Credit Intermediation at Progreso Grupa

We do plenty of split testing, heatmaps, engagement recordings, user testing, etc. We also run our own SEO projects that are extremely successful. Our success is based on our ability to prepare the site for conversions, user experience, and copywriting prior to increasing organic traffic. 

The next logical step was to shift our focus more towards Consulting, which is why we have developed three Consulting packages (5-part SEO Project, Basic SEO Project and 1 on 1 SEO Consulting), each with its own price tier. Mostly WordPress SEO & UX consulting.

As a result, we developed what we call DRL SEO, or Deserved Ranking Level SEO. The goal is to ensure that the website isn't artificially pushed beyond its DRL in order to remain safe from algorithm changes. Long-term success depends on this. There is nothing worse than getting results quickly and then suddenly losing it all.  You can read more about DRL in our blog post.

Proper SEO is done when the content deserves to rank. Not when it is forced to rank.

5-part SEO project

50+ hours of work, ~50 days
An actionable plan that will keep you busy for at least a year.
Our consulting package is unlike any other we have seen. It covers everything you need to set up Organic (but also CPC) Digital Marketing. The best part is, once you have it set up, you can continue on your own. Either you leave it to someone else (with the power to control them) or you do it yourself with the time as your only expense.

This Consulting package is ideal for you if:

You want to get a working SEO roadmap tailored to your own niche and business, that you can effectively implement.
You want to avoid years of studying effective Digital Marketing concepts, and have that replaced in a single, highly customized package.
You want to remove obstacles that you may even not be aware of, which are hindering your website's potential to make maximum profit.
You want to uncover SEO & Conversion quick-wins before the main ranking power kicks in.
Your site has never been Optimized for Conversions, and it was not made by professional designers. Or it has just basic SEO (on-page) optimization like the one provided by Yoast and similar plugins.
You want maximum efficiency in getting into the the concepts, by having the content personalized for your company and niche, and with examples that you can implement strait away.
You want to be sure that your rankings won't drop on the next Google algorithm update. Instead, you want piece of mind and a growing ROI you can count on.

These are the 5 parts (+1):

Business Strategy Audit: learning about your business

We are more than just Web designers. We have a long-standing business background, including consulting, as well as an MBA. As a result, the first step is to learn everything about your business, in order to align your strategy and website with it.

Custom UX, Conversion and SEO report about your website

During this step, your website is checked for desktop/mobile design issues, conversion leakage, and technical SEO problems. The last thing we want is for traffic to bounce back once it comes in. The goal is to treat every page as a landing page that needs to move traffic into the sales funnel.

What to Write About? Optimizing for website traffic

This is a customized method for creating targeted content for your site. Throughout the years, we have developed our own Keyword and Topical research methods to make sure that your website is targeted at the right audience. The result is not just a content plan, but the full research method in your hands.

How to write for the web? Optimizing for Engagements

People don't read content when online. In an attempt to find the answer in the least amount of time, they skim all over the place. They quickly lose patience. In such an environment, your content may not fulfill its purpose at all if it's not written correctly.

How to optimize the Content? Optimizing for SEO, On-Page

On-page SEO is kid's play. It's a simple process you can learn within a day or two. We will teach you a simple framework to maximize your content's SEO with Metas, Keywords, Schema, and other stuff after you have all the research that provides you with the right topics.

Bonus: Security Audit, Engagement recordings, Analytics setup...

We will also audit all other areas of your website, including security, Google Tag Manager, plugins, general settings, site structure, Custom CSS, and even set up UTM tags for your campaigns. 

This consulting package has the following output:

Custom Conversion, UX, SEO report for your website and industry/niche. This is the main document, and it contains 80 to 150 pages.
Crawl & Serps Data Sheet from multiple sources, with comments
Website Strategy Questionnaire - Your MBA-style Business Audit
Website Content Creation - Tailored Web Copywriting Education
Tailored On-page SEO Research & Optimization Guide
Tailored UTM-tracking Guide + UTM tracking builder
Access to Scroll maps and Engagements recordings of the website
PSA Framework - A unique WPU-made tool for targeted messaging
Google Tag Manager Setup with all Events Tracking (Universal + GA4)
Google Analytics Spam-proofing done for you
Google Analytics tweaks for better reporting
Proper implementation of new Google Analytics 4
1hr of Video Conference Consulting
1 Month of Email (or Video) support after the Delivery

The main document starts at 90 pages, but can go beyond 150 pages. At least 60 pages are written from scratch for you, and this can go way up depending on the complexity of the project. The rest of the pages are our written experience in SEO / UX customized for you (examples from your niche).

As soon as we learn about your business, we will start with a standard site crawl audit to identify any possible technical issues. After we've cleared that up, we'll dive into the strategy created for your specific business and niche, with a plan for ranking your website high for all searches that matter.

Unlike most SEO campaigns, this one doesn't end when organic visitors arrive at your site. Our team is also very interested in how this traffic performs on the website and if it is actually achieving the financial and other goals. Also, we will conduct a conversion review of the homepage and other important pages, as well as make design recommendations if necessary.

In this package, we do only consulting. However, we can also implement our recommendations and make the necessary fixes.

We are doing a client audit first, to see if we are a good fit. In other words, our client's business should be creating real value and worth boosting. Our goal is to provide true value to searchers.

Please note that we are basing our SEO strategy on top-quality, optimized content. It doesn't involve active link building, which could push the site over the edge and put it at risk. We strongly oppose the use of private networks. The reason is that if you stop paying the monthly fee, you will be removed from the network and you will have to start over. The network also works until it is penalized. After that, you are hit hard and lose everything. Recoveries are slow and time-consuming, and/or very expensive in terms of real+opportunity costs.

The strategy we use is algorithm-proof. The January 2020 Broad Core Update gave a huge boost to virtually all of our clients. In some cases +275% on impressions. No algorithm update has ever brought our websites to a halt. They usually go up on each of them. In other words, we reject any attempt to manipulate Google's rankings. At least not higher than what the content currently deserves. Instead, we make it more worthy of ranking higher. In addition, our approach does not require you to pay someone monthly for your rankings.

Do not hesitate to ask us anything that may be unclear!

SEO alone brings more leads to your site. This project brings more sales.

Basic SEO project

30+ hours of work, ~30 days

With this package, you still get access to all the documents from the 5-part SEO project. The custom part is smaller due to time limitation. This means that we shift research workload to you, based on our directions and how-to's.

This Consulting package is ideal for you if:

You are ready to devote even more time into learning what it takes to be better than your competitors and eventually outrank them.
Ideally, your website is professionally designed, and with already optimized UX/Conversions which is confirmed by Analytics data.
You are ready to do your own research right from the start, based on our personalized guidelines.
You are ready to fix UX, Conversion, SEO and other issues we are pointing out in the report.

Business Strategy Audit: learning about your business

This is mandatory for any kind of consulting, so we are doing it the same way as in the bigger package.

Custom UX, Conversion and SEO report about your website

We will point out to all UX, Conversion and SEO issues on the site, and offer solutions possible within the limited time.

What to Write About? Optimizing for website traffic

In this package we have less opportunity to come-up with ready-made recommendations for your niche, but we will teach you how.

How to write for the web? Optimizing for Engagements

Our Copywriting Education is still fully available to you. We highly recommend it as it makes a huge difference.

How to optimize the Content? Optimizing for SEO, On-Page

We will teach you how to optimize your content using our On-page SEO method.

Bonus: Security Audit, Engagement recordings, Analytics setup...

We will keep all the general knowledge and best practices from the big package, but we won't have time setting up things for you. You will be able to do that on your own.

This consulting package has the following output:

Custom Conversion, UX, SEO report for your website and industry/niche. This is the main document, and it contains 20+ pages.
Crawl & Serps Data Sheet from multiple sources.
Website Strategy Questionnaire - Your MBA-style Business Audit
Website Content Creation - Tailored Web Copywriting Education
General On-page SEO Research & Optimization Guide
General UTM-tracking Guide + UTM tracking builder
PSA Framework - A Unique WPU-made tool for targeted messaging
Google Analytics Spam-proofing guide
30min of Video Conference Consulting
10 days of Email (or Video) support after the Delivery

1 on 1 SEO consulting

2hrs Video Conference + 3 hours of Prep/After work. ~5 days

We like to call this an "Eye-opener" package. It provides you with tons of insights, answered questions and suggestions related to anything about your Digital business and your website. It can be a single 2hr session or two 1hr sessions.

This Consulting package is ideal for you if:

You are just starting out and want to aim your online business to the right direction, and with no starting mistakes.
You are currently low on budget, but you know that you must change the direction the things are going, before it is too late.
You are doing optimization and SEO on your own, and you need to validate if you are doing it the right way.

Business Strategy Audit: learning about your business

Once again, this is the important step and is part of the preparation work before the main consulting, so we can focus on the important things once we get on the chat.

Custom UX, Conversion and SEO overview of your website

We will run some tests before we talk, so we can point out SEO problems we find. We will also do a live UX/Conversion audit of the site.

Q/A session about your Online business.

You will get a chance to write down and ask all questions you may have for the session. If we cannot confirm the answer right away, be sure we'll get back by email. :)

This consulting package has the following output:

Website Strategy Questionnaire - Your MBA-style Business Audit
Website audit before the session, commented during the session
Custom Conversion, UX and SEO review of your website that will by all means make you think about, and possibly re-think your online business
An opportunity to ask experienced Digital marketers any related question you may think of
A permission to record the session(s) for your own use

Prepaid Consulting

Up to 2hrs monthly, min. 6 months

Have a piece of mind knowing that you have an Digital Marketing, SEO, Design, Copywriting, CRO and UX expert at your hand, whenever you need it. Use Email or Video conference, whatever works at the moment, up to 2hrs.

Individual video session cannot be longer than 15 minutes. This package is for ongoing quick Q/A's. If you need a proper video consulting, please look at the 1 on 1 package above. Hours are valid 30 days from the day of payment. We can add more hours, up to five monthly if needed.

This Consulting package is ideal for you if:

You run into various SEO, UX, Design and other problems related to your website, and you need a quick solution or recommendation.
You need a reliable information source. For example, if you search SEO-related answers on Google, most stuff is either outdated or harmful.
You are comfortable to implement the advices on your own, based on our input, and described steps whenever possible.

Web Design

Need to redesign a section on your site, but you don't know the CSS or other things? Want to make the page nicer?


Get highly valuable informations about your specific SEO issues and questions at your fingertips.


Does your Homepage has a funnel friction? Is your product page optimized for conversions?


Is your page easy to use? How can you improve certain elements? Can a certain part be solved better?


Why is the page loading so slow? Can you do something about certain performance issues?


Need a quick look at a piece of the content? Can it be written or formatted better?