Boosting your entire business and online reputation with an effortless and goal-oriented website.

When creating a brand-new site, we are applying everything included in our Consulting service. This includes Online business audit, Research, SEO, Copywriting, Digital Marketing strategy, UX and User testings.

We not only have a new website, but also a tool that is fully aligned with Plitvice County's strategy. The whole renters community benefits from it.
Maja Šikić,
Director at Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board

The result is a fast, responsive, appealing and Conversion-oriented website. Being Conversion oriented means that the website has an uninterrupted flow for the user. It has clear information structure and clear expected Funnel. It drives the visitors safely towards the final goal.

We also have WordPress website maintenance plans that include updates, performance, security and agency-licenced premium plugins. Maintenance plan can be paired with monthly consulting packages, creating a complete solution to keep your website fast, secure and optimized for SEO, UX and Conversions.

Project Overview

A strategy that extends well beyond the website. A tool serving the whole community.

Discover Plitvice Website
Plitvice Lakes are UNESCO protected National Park, among the most beautiful ones in the World. Plitvice Lakes Tourist board needed a brand new website that would help shifting the focus of visitors more towards plenty of beautiful and interesting sites throughout the County.

Project Overview

A website dubbed as "a trendsetter that is showing the rest of the web how cool WordPress can be".

Outward Bound Croatia website

The Outward Bound website was a huge success, raising the brand awareness of the organization that is well known in the World ever since 1941, but was rather small and unknown in Croatia. the new website played an important part in gaining a lot of attention, to the point where Croatian President visited them personally.

Project Overview

Web Shop

Presenting the first nationwide gluten-free bakery in Croatia, in the light it deserves.

Moje Malo Zlato Web
Moje Malo Zlato is a gluten-free bakery in Croatia. It is the first bakery with the prestigious AOECS certificate, which makes it the best choice for gluten-free sensitive people. It is also the first in the country that delivers daily-fresh products nationwide. We are proud that we are growing with them for the past five years. Our local SEO campaign and both the old and the new website had a huge role in this success story.

Case Study

A high-profile SEO campaign, outranking banks and institutions in a competitive industry.

Progreso Grupa Website

Progreso website is our longest ongoing project. We have decided to build an ultimate resource of Financial knowledge in Croatia. We made an in-depth SEO optimization, based on a well-defined SEO strategy. It gave tremendous results, positioning Progreso blog among the most authoritative in the industry.

Project Overview

Bringing customers from the whole city, and even the country, into a single neighbourhood.

Optika Kobačić web

Optika Kobačić is a local Optician with two venues in Dubrava, a neighbourhood in Zagreb. We have worked with them to develop a brand new Visual identity. It included a new website, new Brand tone, target market and all the Marketing Moving parts. Today, they are the best rated Optician in the country, with evergoing original and recognized campaigns.

Project Overview

A high class restaurant in Brussels that deserves an equally high-class website.

Core Bruxelles website

Our job was to come up with a complete visual identity for a brand new restaurant placed in the very heart of Brussels. We flew on the site and made professional photographs of the food, staff and interior, as well as the 360° virtual walk. In the end we have used all that to create the logo, the brand voice and the shiny new website. (Please note: we have transferred the website to the new owner. We are linking to the version of the site as it was when we have built it).