Core Bruxelles Website Project Overview

A strategy that extends well beyond the website. A tool serving the whole community.

Core Bruxelles was a brand new restaurant in the very center of Brussels. Being in such though and competitive niche, it needed all the Digital Marketing help it could get. WPU has aswered the call.

Both of our restaurants are beautifully represented online, perfectly reflecting their respective spirits. WPU is our ongoing Marketing partner.
Marija Štaba,
Owner at Core Kornati & Core Bruxelles

The owner of the restaurant knew well that the quality of the presentation can be only as good as the photography used. We simply couldn't put that in random hands, so we flew to bruxelles to take the whole process under control, to make sure everything comes up as planned.

We have made lots of food, staff, interior and 360° photos. After doing an extensive research, we have also came up with the Logo, brand identity, and even elements of interior design.

The new website was born, and we have immediately started to market it On Social Media and other Channels, targeting few carefully chosen audiences.

The results were in. The restaurant's popularity grew over time and it si a never-ending story. Always coming up with something new. (Please note: we have transferred the website to the new owner. We are linking to the version of the site as it was when we have built it).

Key Features & Services

  • New Styleguide defining brand new visuals.
  • Built with Themeco Pro
  • Ongoing website maintenance and IT support.
  • SEO and Social Media marketing.
  • Continuously coming up with new online strategies, and implementing them.