Discoverplitvice Website Project Overview

A strategy that extends well beyond the website. A tool serving the whole community.

A member of Croatian Government approached us to see if we can make this strategically important website. What they had was obsolete and didn’t produced significant results.

We not only have a new website, but also a tool that is fully aligned with Plitvice County's strategy. The whole renters community benefits from it.
Maja Šikić,
Director at Plitvice Lakes Tourist Board
Our involvement was in strategic planning. This included ways to increase the average stay per night and decrease the pressure on Plitvice Lakes. We did this by introducing various attractions from the wider region. It was an interesting challenge.
Our website was well planned and executed, fulfilling all expectations. Great UX was the most important part of the site.
All Private rentals in the region got the chance to present themselves for free through the government non-profit site. This allowed them to avoid booking portals, with better SEO optimization and most precise Maps for this part of Croatia. While most other maps and navigation apps fail for most B&B's in the area, our custom Google map is precise within 5 meters.
The site was very well accepted in the community, and it keeps assisting many bookings. It has even saved lives, as we have anticipated the emergency google queries. We have provided quick Call to actions for the Ambulance and other emergency services.
Tourists are now finding their way around this nature’s wonder in a much better and precise way.

Key Features & Services

  • Directory listing for B&B's, Restaurants, POI's and Local attractions.
  • Built with Themeco X/Pro
  • New Styleguide defining brand new visuals.
  • Ongoing website maintenance and IT support.
  • SEO for most POI's, based on previous research.
  • Continuously coming up with new online strategies, and implementing them.