Moje Malo Zlato Website Project Overview

Brand new website with new and improved presentation of products, and a new web shop.

The first Gluten-free bakery in Croatia that delivers fresh product nationwide just got massively upgraded by the new website and the web shop.

Since 2015, WPU has been our key partner. They handle our entire online presence and marketing, and we are growing steadily as a result.
Gordan Kobačić,
Owner at Optika Kobačić

Our old client, a wholesale gluten-free bakery "Moje Malo Zlato" has grown a lot since we made the first website for them. It has served them well.

However, a time has come to rebuild the site from ground up. It is still powered by Themeco's awesome tech, but now it has Flexbox, CSS Grid, SVG, fresh design and all the latest goodies.

We have also made the new product photoshoot. All photographs on the website are produced in-house, to fit the website exactly as we have envisioned.

On top of the Website, we have created a strong local SEO campaign which resulted in top rankings for most Croatian cities on queries that tourists would search for, during the summer season. This resulted in doubling the summer sales, and then extended into the winter season for the locals.

Key Features & Services

  • A Web Shop presenting all the company's products.
  • Built with Themeco Pro
  • Custom WPU-made photography for the Website, the campaigns and Instagram & Facebook
  • Ongoing Marketing Campaigns, both online and offline
  • Social Media Management