Optika Kobacic Website Project Overview

Full Brand Overhaul. Successful new website, Brand tone, Recognized Marketing Campaigns that stand out.

A local optician with just two venues in a single neighbourhood, became well known in the whole city.

Since 2015, WPU has been our key partner. They handle our entire online presence and marketing, and we are growing steadily as a result.
Gordan Kobačić,
Owner at Optika Kobačić

Our longest ongoing partnership is with a local Optician “Optika Kobačič”. It has two venues, and more than 40 years of tradition.

We have immediately spotted the quality and his level of its professionalism. So we have decided to leverage on this and make him the best organically rated optician in the country.

But the problem is that he had his Website redone four times! The last one being on Wix.

It was a total disaster. We have told him that he has to throw the whole thing and we have to do it all over, once for all. So the we made him a brand new SEO optimized website with custom photography.

We also did the new branding, new marketing strategy and a big part of the new Business strategy. Also, we did all his Marketing Campaigns and all Print visuals. We run Company's Facebook, MyBusiness and Instagram channels with outstanding success.

  • A Web Shop (Catalogue) with original, custom content for brands and products.
  • Built with Themeco Pro
  • Custom WPU-made photography for the Website, the campaigns and Instagram & Facebook
  • Ongoing Marketing Campaigns, both online and offline
  • Community management
  • Social Media Management

Key Features & Services