Outward Bound Croatia Website Project Overview

A website serving the needs of the famous international organization. Fully branded from scratch.

Outward Bound's website was our very first project, instantly becoming globally recognized and even dubbed being "a trendsetter showing the rest of the web how cool WordPress can be".

Our WPU-built website was listed among the top WP websites in the world! OBC's business model relies heavily on it, and it serves it well.
Dubravka Šimunec,
Head of The Office at Outward Bound Croatia

One of the largest WordPress companies in the world is Elegant Themes. They have compiled a list of websites that they think are trendsetters in WordPress design. Although not built with their technology, OBC website settled among names like Mercedes-Benz, Katy Perry, Bloomberg and NASA.

With the Outward Bound website, the brand awareness of the organization that has been around since 1941, but was relatively unknown in Croatia, was raised to a new level. Through a new website and branding, they have gained a lot of attention and even been visited by the Croatian president.  

Key Features & Services

  • New Website, built with Themeco X/Pro
  • New Styleguide defining new visuals
  • Ongoing website maintenance and IT support
  • SEO for blog articles
  • Continuously coming up with new online strategies, and implementing them
  • Print Campaigns

Print Campaigns

We were also asked to extend this to their print campaigns. Despite the fact that this is not our core business, we accepted the offer. Below is just a small selection of our work.