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Website Security

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Website Performance

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Content & Design

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WordPress is made up of many moving parts. It is only when they live in harmony and are well taken care of that the site will perform at its finest. Unmaintained websites lower conversion rates and cost you money. In more serious cases, unmaintained websites compromise site security.

Secure updates

Do you know that hundreds of bots are attempting to breach your website as you read this? They attempt to exploit known weaknesses in WordPress itself, in plugins and in themes. Check out which plugins were hit today: https://wpscan.com/plugins.

Imagine you don't update your plugins for weeks. Vulnerability databases publish vulnerabilities and proofs of concept. Even a less skilled attacker now knows exactly where to attack. The information is right there! To make matters worse, a bot does all this automatically.

We use top-quality incremental update solutions that put less strain on your server.

It's not acceptable to fail to update your production and/or testing sites continuously. However, doing so may lead to your site being taken down. No one wants that. Therefore, you must do this in a secure manner, ensuring the latest WordPress, theme, and plugin versions do not conflict with each other.

Here's where we come in. Your time is too valuable to waste on this. Do something more productive instead.

Website security

The security of a website involves much more than updating it. In order to harden the website's security and keep an eye on it, we need to do a number of things. To do so, we will use our premium security solutions.

Website performance

A website needs maintenance to perform at its peak, just like a car. Our premium solutions cover Database optimization, Caching, and other techniques to make the site fast. Have you explored this site yet? Do you think it's fast? So will yours be. Speed plays a huge role in SEO, UX, and conversions. Every second of loading time increases the bottom line.

If necessary, we will perform an initial speed optimization. We won't use outdated methods. We will adapt to HTTP/2 if your site has it. Speed test tools are often inaccurate. Your website may be experiencing bottlenecks due to faulty hosting or a problematic theme. The recommendations we provide will help you enhance performance and make the most of the current situation.

As usual, we will be using the best, most expensive tools for the job, but it won't be your responsibility to pay for them. Here is an example of one of our optimized websites:


Content & Design Updates

If you need to add content to your site on regular or occasional basis, we can do that for you. This is especially important on pages, where adding new content throws the design out of balance. We have seen it many times: website owners try to add or remove something, and the whole design suddenly looks broken.

Not only that, what looks great today will look outdated in few years. Design standards are moving forward (sometimes backwards) as well.

There is one more significant thing: technology advances. In a few years, you may have a modern theme, but it will be outdated. It is likely that the authors will update the theme regularly if they are competent, but will you follow? Even if you update the theme regularly, there comes a point when the legacy backwards compatibility code becomes a burden. There will be a point when you will have to redo the website, which will be expensive. If you do that incrementally, chances are the site won't need to go through a complete technical overhaul.

Updates to Content & Design are an additional, optional service.

How does it work?

It's simple. You pay us a reasonable monthly fee, and we'll take care of everything.

You will still be able to use all the premium solutions if we end our partnership, but you will have to pay licenses for all of them in order to keep them updated, if you still want them.

So far, no client has ever done that. You can read our project overviews and case studies. They are all listed on our maintenance plans. Our maintenance services are not exclusive to our website clients.

Our Prepaid consulting package can be combined with website maintenance at a reduced rate if you decide to take it.