NET Statement—Extract the Unique Selling Proposition Effectively

NET Statement—Extract the Unique Selling Proposition Effectively

Updated on 10/08/2021

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No matter if we are building a brand new website or consulting businesses about their Digital marketing, we are always starting with our strategy interview and/or questionnaire. One part of it is an exercise that I am calling the NET statement. It alone produces huge value both for us at WPU, understanding the customer’s business, and for the customers, helping them to better streamline their thoughts.

NET stands for Narrative, Elevator, Twitter. Ok, it does sound a bit crazy at first. :)

“NET statement” is a coaching exercise designed to effectively extract the company’s and their website’s Unique Selling Proposition. It is consisted of the combination of the Narrative statement, the Elevator pitch and the Twitter pitch.

Narrative statement in our sense is a statement that tells everything about the website owner’s passion, what he and his products are about and the end value it provides for his customers. This statement can be as long as needed. We encourage the website owner to be creative and to take his time. He should throw in everything that comes into his mind. We really want his passion about his business to come to life. There are various proposed methods about the best ways to come up with the Narrative statement and googling will reveal a lot of them. In our case, the NET statement is coming after a series of other questions, so our client can refer back to the previous answers and get the structure out of that.

Elevator pitch is a known concept familiar to people in Strategic Marketing and management in general. It is yet again a statement about what the business owner does and how that brings value to his customers. The difference between it and the Narrative statement is that the Elevator pitch is shorter. We should be able to tell it in around 30 seconds while we are explaining what we do to a person while we are in an elevator together. We want that person to leave the elevator completely understanding what we do, to be a bit fascinated with it, and wanting to contact us soon!

In the NET statement exercise, the elevator pitch gets derived from the Narrative statement by re-working the copy of it until it fits in a 30-seconds pitch. It is “stripping the fat off”, sort to say, and focusing only on the important stuff.

The final stage of the NET statement exercise is the Twitter Pitch. You guessed it, it gets derived from the Elevator Pitch. We have decided to keep the old Twitter’s limitation of 140 characters, and we give a client a field with a character counter. He needs to do his best to retain all the awesomeness and clarity of the Elevator pitch, but now it has to fit into this really small space.

So what now?

Although we combine several methods to derive the USP (Unique Selling Proposition), Key Selling Points, Mission, Vision and other typical MBA stuff, the NET statement alone returns fantastic results. More than once we have copied almost the entire Twitter pitch and pasted it below the main Homepage hero title. Coaching is all about asking the right questions. If the client is guided correctly, he is the one who will generate almost the entire pool of content, concepts and ideas about his own business. Our job as marketers is to take this content and present it in the most optimal way possible.

In this process, we need to take care of the various awareness levels the website visitors are in. We are categorizing them into Cold, Warm and Hot leads. I have mentioned this more in the article about my SEO concept that I call DRL or Deserved Ranking Level. The USP that came out of the Twitter Pitch should be able to convey the company’s key message to all of the awareness levels. After that, we should guide our client to come up with sub-messages that are taking care of the each level individually. Those sub-messages are used at different stages of the funnel.

So that’s it. Short but effective. See you soon in some other article.

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