Progreso Grupa Website Case Study

A SEO business machine. Outranking Banks and Financial institutions in a competitive, financial niche.

After Changing the third expensive contractor with no results, Progreso grupa decided to place Website design, Optimization, and SEO strategy & execution into the hands of WPU.

Our organic channel accounts for over 80% of our traffic and drives our business despite significant CPC and Social ad spend.
Yetunde Kristina Škorić,
Director of Credit Intermediation at Progreso Grupa

Today, Progreso grupa is the leading and largest Credit Intermediator company in Croatia. At the time we have started working on its digital Marketing and SEO, it was just one small firm among many similar, also overshadowed by Banks.

Our task with the Progreso Grupa website was not easy at all: the main competitors were Banks and Financial institutions, all with huge budgets. So we knew we couldn't beat them with traditional marketing. We had to go Guerilla. So we made the SEO strategy for the site, and we have started implementing it. That was before major Google Algorithms like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin, Pigeon, Mobile Friendly, RankBrain… etc.

Our premises were simple: do the On-page optimization, but be aware of the fact that it won’t rank the site, as long as users don’t find it useful, authoritative and engaging.

Since the site dealt with finances (Which affect human lives, just like health-related niches), We intuitively knew it was even harder to prove authority of it. Later Google came out with the YMYL concept (Your Money or Your LIfe), basically confirming this.

So We have made the research about what kind of content the website should be producing. We were studying Copywriting for a long time, so we have taught Website’s content writers not only what to write about, but also how to write. We have forced them to do various things which made them more authoritative as writers, both offline and online.

Sometimes they didn’t liked what they had to do, but it lifted their personal brand too, helping them a lot in their future careers. Then we come up with our own style of On-page optimization.


Naturally, our old content got boosted after revisiting it, and all the new content started to shine on Google Search.

While  Google is moving towards Neural Network ranking mechanisms, they will always keep the same basic logic.

Company was spending a big budget on Adwords at the time, which represented over 80% of the site’s traffic. The organic part started to grow steadily. Then the Panda algorithm hit hard on many websites at the end of 2014. Panic was spreading among website owners.

But not us. We got a crazy boost. Traffic tripled in three months. Simply every aspect of the website was so much in favor of Users, which made it being in favour of Google—just perfectly.

Traffic increase over the months.

Progreso outranked all the banks, having more than 60 highly competitive keywords ranking in top 10 positions, 37 of which are #1.

Ranking in top five results for search terms like "Credit Cards" became a reality, not some impossible task reserved for the big players. Actually, the keyword "Credit Cards" is #1, above Mastercard, Visa, Diners, and all the banks".

Today, despite Adwords and Social media, Organic is responsible for 75%+. of total traffic. What is even more important is that Organic traffic has far higher conversion rates than any other kind of traffic, especially PPC. Most of it is on the "autopilot". Content is being refreshed and kept up to date, but that is really small work.

So what is the ROI on that? It cannot even be calculated. It grows literally every hour, because only initial investment has been made, first into setting things up properly, and then the time-investment into each new content piece, which is basically set it and (almost) forget it.

Progreso top channels

JaN. 2020 Broad Core update

Google shook the world of SEO with a major Broad Core Update that shuffled the ranking once again. Progreso had great standings up to this, but now the things really went out of control. +275% impressions. +500% clicks. 100% average position and +85% CTR!

This is another reassurance that our strategy is working. Most of the competition is basing SEO on manipulation. Forcing sites to rank more than they deserve. Even most forms of link building are falling under that category. Instead, we are working on a much wider area that doesn't seem to have anything to do with SEO. However, those things are the tipping point and the results are very measurable. There is no doubt about that.

Progreso top channels

But the story doesn’t stop there

One thing is how to bring people to the Website. The entirely different thing is to utilize the maximum of that traffic and make it convert at the highest rates possible. Progreso website has one main goal: for visitors to gain confidence that Progreso can save them a lot of time and money by finding the best loan for them, and then they need to fill out the Application form. (Or make a phone call.)

We have implemented numerous Conversion-centered design elements on the site, and the Conversion rates started to go up. Then we initiated series of A/B tests, which clearly started to show what works and what doesn’t. The increase in converting existing traffic went up 423%. Progreso had to employ more people and opened five more branches. Today it is the biggest Crediti intermediate in the county, having exclusive contracts with many financial institutions.
We have never accepted offers to monetize the traffic. The website’s sole purpose is to bring insane value to the visitors, through its Blog. And that is heavily rewarded by Google.

Key Features & Services

  • Heavily Conversion Optimized website.
  • Built with Themeco Pro
  • New Styleguide defining brand new visuals.
  • Ongoing website maintenance and IT support.
  • SEO strategy for a top competitive financial niche.
  • Creating custom Photography for the site.
  • Continuously monitoring and improving conversions and rankings.
  • Assisting content writers in providing them with Content frameworks, and rounding rough edges (SEO, Copywriting) before publishing the content.

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